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Buffett's Candies

Food & Beverages, Chocolate in Albuquerque, NM

Buffett's Candies, known around town as "the place with the big candy cane," is an Albuquerque, NM, landmark. Started by George Buffett back in 1956, we are still a family-run business today. Our continued success is due in large part to our commitment to quality. We use only the best ingredients money can buy, like fresh whipping cream and US Grade AA butter, and we never use preservatives. Our fresh, delightfully sweet candy has been loved by generations.Our family favorites include: Pion candies Chocolates Brittles Pion nuts Caramel corn CandyFrom delicious chocolate-covered pretzels and pralines to classic malt balls and licorice, we have something to satisfy everybody's sweet tooth. We are perhaps best known for using the pion nut in our mouth-watering creations. Don't be fooled by imitation pine nuts. Genuine pion nuts come from the pion pine, which is New Mexico's state tree, and have a distinct and unique flavor. Even when the true pion nuts are scarce, we will not substitute any other type of nut. Call Buffet's Candies today and find out why "our candy is made to eat, not to keep!"


7001 Lomas Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM




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