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King's Komix Kastle

Comic Books, Books in Boise, ID

King's Komix Kastle opened in 1973 as Idaho's first comic-book shop. We have comic books, magazines, and books other stores only dream of owning. Our back issues range from the late 1940s, through the 1950s and 1960s, with a particularly strong selection in the 1970s and 1980s. Besides comics, you'll find a fine selection of men's magazines from the late 1950s through the present, vintage paperbacks, car magazines, TV Guides, and polyethylene bags and boxes for your collectibles.

As well as providing the best in local service, King's Komix Kastle has done mail order since the Nixon administration! Since 2005 eBay operations have expanded the customer base enormously with over 1,000 100% positive feedbacks from happy, satisfied customers worldwide.

The Appointment Only policy means convenience for you. We've sold comics occasionally on Christmas Day and other holidays. Most customers say, "I wish that I had come to you first!"
Always Buying: Pre-1965 Comic Books Pre-1960 Playboy & other related magazines Pre-1965 Paperbacks. Mysteries, SF Pre-1965 Teen magazines. Dig, 'Teen, Modern Teen Pre-1955 Pulp magazines School yearbooks


716 W Linden St
716 W Linden St
Boise, ID




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