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CompuSource Inc

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CompuSource is has done computer cabling for businesses since 1992 in Bozeman, Montana. We service Montana, Wyoming, parts of Idaho. We will do testing on your curent system and give you the analysis to determine any problems. We are able to determine if there is problems including tracing, re-numbering or replacing of existing cables. Serving Montana, Idaho and Wyoming - Providing Cabling and Network Solutions to ... - Homes - Small Businesses - Large Corporate Businesses We use the Fluke DTX 1800 to test links between work station locations and Patch Panel or Switch Locations. Fiber Optic testing and analysis is also done with the Fluke 1800 and the Fluke ODTR. Possible solutions may include replacing fiber optic cable or termination or re-termination of existing fiber cable. - Pantuit Solutions products - Sonos - Authorized Dealer - Certified CompTIA - Bisci Corporate Member CompuSource can help customers by planning new construction. After the Site Evaluation we will provide suggestions for network improvements including needs for additional cabling location needs and clean up of existing Information Technology Closets or Cabinets. Your satisfaction with our Services and use of Panduit Solutions products means repeat business for us, and lower cost of business for you, and that's just good business. Visit our website. Call for free Sonos Demo! Contact us for free evaluation analysis today! We appreciate your business.


411 E Birch Street
Bozeman, MT


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