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If you manage a business or museum, it's important to take greater security measures thanalarms and cameras to protect your property. Located in Ft. Worth, JBM Patrol Protection proudlyoffers Kentucky clients with avariety of professional security guard services.

The company provides organizations with highly trained professionals capable of patrolling the property, preparing reports, and testifying in court if there's an issue. Their range of security services is designed to meet the needs of a diverse clientele, including banking, retail, access control, and roving vehicle patrol.

In the event of an emergency - whether it be a theft, fire, or natural disaster -their security guards are quick to act and assist first responders in securing the area and monitoring the situation.

Their employees are professional and composed at all times, offering courteous support to your building's visitors or bringing calm and order to an emergency situation. Each team member undergoes arigorous training program to ensure they have the skills and knowledge needed to handle any incident.

Striving for open communication between themselves and their clients, JBM Patrol Protection has earned a reputation for providing quality event security guards and patrol services, as well as forresponding to all inquiries and emergencies promptly. When you need a security company that will keep your safety and best interests in mind, call theteam at (859) 344-0911. For a comprehensive list of the services they provide, visit their website.


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Covington, KY




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