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Eastpointe Family Dental Center

Dentist in Eastpointe, MI

Eastpointe Family Dental Center in Eastpointe, Michigan is a full-service, technologically sophisticated dental office that happily welcomes women, men, and children from ages 5 to 105 who live in the greater Detroit metropolitan area. The associates at Eastpointe specialize in permanent dental implants, oral surgery to remove impacted wisdom teeth, and root canals.
At Eastpointe - your premier local dentist - you can get regular cleanings and X-rays as part of preventive care from the friendly staff of dentists and hygienists.
You can have your gum disease treated and get your braces or Invisalign at the same, friendly facility. If you're worried about the safety of metal dental work, Eastpointe Family Dental Center offers metal-free fillings, crowns, and bridges.
The expert associates at Eastpointe understand that feeling great about your smile sometimes requires more than optimal oral health. In addition to dentistry and orthodontics, Eastpointe Family Dental Center offers a wide array of cosmetic dental services to brighten your smile. From teeth straightening to teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and bonding, the expert team of highly skilled and extensively trained dentists give you the smile of your dreams.
The Eastpointe dentists also know that sometimes going to the dentist can be frightening. Not only does each Eastpointe Family Dental Center associate make a point of taking the time to help you feel calm and confident, but they also make sure you get the kind of treatment that matches your needs, desires, and circumstances.
You can come to Eastpointe Family Dental Center any time you have a dental emergency. If your tooth or dental work breaks, you suffer a blow or injury to the mouth, or if you have tooth or gum pain, the staff tries to accommodate you with an immediate appointment.
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24430 Gratiot Avenue
Eastpointe, MI




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