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The Optima Medical group uses an advanced medical integration model of chiropractic healthcare - considering the body as a whole instead of just a collection of symptoms - as they provide a friendly, caring atmosphere for patients in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
With a focus on functional medicine, the team treats a range of conditions, including fibromyalgia, neuropathy, whiplash, and other injuries. After making a diagnosis, the Optima doctors meet as a team to offer a comprehensive, integrated approach to every patient. Their methods incorporate medical, chiropractic, functional neuropathy, therapies, and rehabilitation.
The Optima Medical group discovers the causes of your health concerns and dramatically improves your health and well-being. They share a common goal: To use a principled, holistic approach that merges chiropractic and medical techniques with functional and natural methods to help patients achieve optimal wellness - all in a supportive, welcoming environment.
The Optima doctors use state-of-the-art treatments to put you on your path to wellness. Optima specialists create custom wellness plans that incorporate treatments such as electrotherapy, ice and heat therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, lifestyle and nutrition counseling, and stress management.
The variety of effective treatments are aimed at enhancing overall health, assisting the body's healing process after an injury or disease, and preventing chronic disease. The K-Laser - a laser therapy that uses wavelengths of light to promote healing through increasing circulation, and decreasing swelling and pain - is one such treatment now available at Optima Medical.
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