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iLoveKickboxing - Skokie, IL

Gym in Skokie, IL

iLoveKickboxing - Skokie, IL is the #1 fitness program for stunning results! Turbocharge your life with FUN no-contact fitness kickboxing routines - a fighter's attitude - and fat-destroying, adrenaline pumping 60-minute bouts of dynamic cardio, stretching & resistance training. Expert instructors at ILKB Skokie, IL guide you through bag-hitting techniques ANYONE can do - perfect for beginners. No fitness experience needed to join ILKB Skokie, IL ! Calorie-crushing moves sculpt your killer physique. Super low Web-Specials, exclusive members-only apparel & personalized support make you feel like family. Dare to be remarkable - Join ILKB Skokie, IL For more information, check us out!


4736 Dempster St
Skokie, IL




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